Favorite Find // iPad Cabinet Mount

Display your iPad in the kitchen using a Belkin iPad cabinet mount and always have your recipes at your fingertips.

Favorite Find // iPad Cabinet Mount | Sarah Hearts

Ok, so this may totally seem like an infomercial but I promise it’s not. I just sometimes find things I love so much that I have to share them. This Belkin iPad Fridge and Cabinet Mount is one of those things. Ever since I’ve had an iPad I’ve used it in the kitchen as a cookbook. Between cooking out of Everyday Food or a recipe off a favorite food blog, it was always on the counter top. We have a tiny kitchen and very limited counter space so I searched all over for the best solution and eventually stumbled upon this iPad mount. It’s made for refrigerators but works perfectly mounted on any smooth surface, including cabinet doors! It sticks on with 3M commad strips removable to there are no tools  involved or damage to your lovely doors.

Favorite Find // iPad Cabinet Mount | Sarah Hearts

Now that I’ve had it a few months it’s absolutely indispensable! I’m loving how accessible it is without taking up precious counter space.

Favorite Find // iPad Cabinet Mount | Sarah Hearts

This post is not sponsored by Belkin. I just think this product is awesome and wanted to let you know about it!


  1. Love this! Love the price too! Williams Sonoma has an iPad holder, but the Amazon price is more to my liking!

    Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful find!

  2. aahhh! i love this. i keep placing bets with myself as to what spills on the ipad first during cooking time. and such a great deal.

    loved getting to talk with you on tuesday, and i’ve loved looking around your blog!

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