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Everyday Food's April 2012 Easter Menu

I hope you had a Happy Easter! We had a very relaxed Easter, which I am very thankful for. The photo above is our Easter dinner spread. The menu was from this month’s Everyday Food magazine. I can honestly say the cheddar chive buttermilk biscuits were the best I’ve ever had.

Here’s a few more photos from my Instragram feed to update you all on where I’ve been the past couple of weeks. I’m starting with the most recent photos at the top.

Danish Blue Cheese Spread Recipe

My parents came up for a quick trip this weekend. We had a great visit which mostly consisted on eating. Does your family do that too? The next photos are proof of how much I ate!

The dip my mom made was so simple and so delicious! It’s a blue cheese spread and all you do is combine 4 oz. of blue cheese, 4 oz. of softened cream cheese, and about 1/2 c. of toasted chopped walnuts. It’s perfect with crackers and a glass (or two) of wine.

Lunch at 4Rivers Smokehouse in Orlando, Florida

We took them to 4Rivers Smokehouse because they had never been! If you live in Orlando, or know anyone who does, you’ve probably heard about this local bbq institution. Everything is amazing. Seriously.

pumpkin bread French toast with cream cheese drizzle

We had breakfast at our new breakfast spot, Order Up Cafe. They have pumpkin bread French toast… I know, I know couldn’t believe it exisits! Yep, it’s every more delicious than it sounds.

Justin the horse eating a carrot

My horse, Justin, celebrated his 20th birthday this past week! To celebrate, I picked up some organic carrots with the leafy, green tops for him. He absolutely loves the carrot greens.

Vero Beach Ocean View

Two weekends ago Kevin and I took a much needed post-Playlist, post-crazy first part of the year weekend getaway to Vero Beach. We both had never been to that beach before, but now that we have, we will definitely be coming back!

Darcy's doghouse

My office is a disaster right now. I’m kinda embarrassed to share this photo because it’s usually so neat and organized. Darcy, our dog, loved to sleep under the desk. It’s pretty much her doghouse where she spends the days while I’m home working.

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