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My adventures through an Instagram lens.

creamy polenta cakes with mushrooms and asparagus

Hi friends! I hope you had a lovely weekend! Here’s what I’ve been up to the past two weeks. I made polenta cakes with roasted asparagus and mushrooms. The recipe is from the new Everyday Food Light cookbook. It was so, so good!

yellow dog eats orlando, florida

My super talented brother was came up to visit me while on a break from the Lady Antebellum tour. His visit consisted of trying new restaurants and eating lots. We had lunch at Yellow Dog Eats. If you are ever in central Florida, you must give it a try! Awesome sandwiches and a great selection of craft beer.

justin, my horse!

I got back in the saddle for the first time since I hurt my feet last summer. I was a bundle of nerves but Justin (my horse) was calm as can be. I’m taking baby steps to get my courage back!

Summit Church baptisms at Bethune Beach

Last Sunday we grabbed the picnic blanket and beach towels and headed to New Smyrna Beach so I could be baptized! It was gray and cloudy, and even rained, but the clouds disappeared quickly and it was a gorgeous evening. Here’s a little video that Summit Church put together to recap the day.

The French Market 2012 Georgetown, Washington D.C.

On Thursday we went to Maryland to visit Kevin’s parents. While there, I spent a day with Jen, my dear friend and college roommate. We went into D.C. for the annual French Market. We indulged on French pastries, coffee, sandwiches, and sweets.

Wrapped bangle bracelets from Madewell

I finally had the chance to go to a Madewell store. I was smitten with all the lovely spring fashions. I loved these eclectic bracelets!

Shipley's Grant Farm, Ellicot City, Maryland

We had a great time visiting Kevin’s parents. They just moved into a beautiful townhouse and this is the view outside. They day I took this photo, I woke up to a rooster crowing.

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