Gold, Turquoise, and Green Rustic Wedding Board

Rustic weddings don’t have to be bland. And some saturated color to your big day.

It’s wedding Wednesday and here’s a simple board the features golden hues with turquoise and green accents. I imagine this wedding would have ivory, cotton lace table runners and a diy wedding banner, and a muslin backdrop for a photobooth.

1. Image by One Love Photography.
Vivette dress by J.Crew.
Forest ring bearer pillow.
Dos Palomitas Banderas in custom colors.
Eyelet Medley sheath gown.
Dahlia flower clip.


  1. Lovely. DO you have any philosophy behind your method or do you just go by your eye every time? Either way, the results are impressive.

    1. Thanks! I use the handy eye dropper tool in Photoshop to pull the colors from the photo, then I just decide which colors look best together.

  2. Seriously awesome designs. Excellent website design.
    I particularly loved the art and design for the Japanese Red Cross and the monthly desktop wallpapers available.
    Excellent job. Keep it up!

  3. Fantastic layout. You are going to make it as a graphic designer. Just hang in there. You know. The roads to rome. Was not built in one day.

  4. Love your blog! My boyfriend found it on reddit and sent it to me, because he knew I’d love your style. You may already do this, but I know people on Pinterest would love your images…and you can credit them to your site to increase traffic. Keep up the delicious images and design!!

  5. From one designer to another, I love the simplicity of your website/blog. I have a client that I sent this too and they loved it so much they want something with the same simplistic attitude and striking color photos and graphics. Very nice!

  6. Emily, I have not thought about putting my images on Pinterest. That is a great idea, thanks! Garin, thanks for sharing my site with your client.

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