Favorite iPhone 6 Cases

I guess I’m kinda an early adopter when it comes to Apple products. I mean, when it comes to computers, I’ve only owned Macs. In…

If you upgraded to an iPhone 6 or 6 plus check out these adorable cases. I'm loving the bright florals, dots, and stripes.

I guess I’m kinda an early adopter when it comes to Apple products. I mean, when it comes to computers, I’ve only owned Macs. In fact, I didn’t use a pc until my first semester in college. I was in a computer lab and I had to lean over to the guy next to me and ask, “Excuse me, can you show me how to turn this thing on?” I bet he thought I had been living in a cave.

So when the iPhone 6 and 6 plus was announced, Kevin and I pre-ordered them. And when he picked me up from the airport on Friday, he had the little white box waiting in the car.

Though I think Apple products are gorgeous on their own, I’m a klutz and I take my phone everywhere with me (including horseback riding) so I really think I should get a case for it. Whenever new iPhones are announced, it usually takes case manufactures some time to get on board, but I was pleasantly surprised with all the good options available for the 6 (and some are also available for the 6 plus if you truly are an early adopter).

  1. Nordstrom crochet floral clear case
  2. Rifle pink floral case
  3. Nordstrom heart stripe case
  4. Spigen shimmery gold case
  5. Kate Spade gold and white stripe (similar for the 6 Plus
  6. Maxboost rose and champagne gold case
  7. Rifle turquoise floral case (similar for the 6 Plus)
  8. Kate Spade black and cream dot case
  9. Spigen mint and clear case


  1. You beat me to it! I have a cell phone case post going up next week. I adore my new gold iPhone 6, but like you take it everywhere and it’s so beat up. I’m excited how many cases are already out there, too!

  2. I have the iPhone 6 and the Spigen #4 in mint and I love it. Not only do I get tons of compliments on it, I dropped my phone face down in an uneven gravel parking lot and the case took the heat, and still looks good.

  3. Oh forgot to add, Case-Mate is an excellent brand- I had one on my iPhone for a yr and half and even dropped phone couple times! Case looked brand new still, colors bright as ever and my phone was protected and never got damaged. They’re lightweight yet protective. Thx for letting me share :-)

  4. I have had now two of the kate spade iPhone 6 cases. They are absolutely adorable but their quality is awful. After a week the entire back of the cases were scratched badly from just normal handling and placing on my desk at work. The outer rubber edge has changed colors from pink to a now purplish black from my pants pockets, dirt on my hands, etc. For the money it is most certainly not worth the price! I love kate spade products but these cases were just bad all around. :(

  5. I agree about the Kate Spade Cases. I love how they look but they are horrible quality. Every one I’ve had has broken within a month.

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