DIY Sponge Stamped Fall Table Runner

Learn to make a modern fall table runner using a pop-up stamp.

DIY Sponge Stamped Fall Table Runner | Sarah Hearts

Yesterday I shared the simple fall centerpiece I created so today I wanted to share how I made the table runner that you saw in the photos. I had been looking for a table runner in a modern print but could only find very traditional fall runners. My solution was to make one myself though I admit when I started this project I had no idea what the print would look like. I searched through my fabric stash and found some unbleached cotton muslin that was slightly longer than my table. Then I looked through my paint bin and found some warm gray craft paint. Both were perfect starting points that led me to this runner, which I absolutely adore. The colors are neutral enough that it can easily go from fall to Christmas.

You can create the same runner using my stamp template or you can create your own print by cutting the sponge in a different shape.

DIY Sponge Stamped Fall Table Runner | Sarah Hearts

To make your own sponge stamped table runner you can use cotton muslin and sew it, like I did, or you can cut a canvas drop cloth to size and use Stitch Witchery to hem it. If you’re using the drop cloth no-sew method, just jump down to step number 5.

– 38″ wide unbleached cotton muslin, or any color cotton fabric, about 12″ longer than the length of your table
– Thread, same color as fabric
– Sewing machine
– Flat pop-up kitchen sponge
Stamp template
– Permanent marker
– Scissors
Fabric craft paint
– Plastic or paper plate to use as a palette
– Paper to protect your work surface

1. Iron the fabric to remove wrinkles.

2. Fold the fabric in half, length wise and press the seam with the iron.

3. Sew along the open edges and turn the fabric inside out.

4. Iron the fabric again to press the seams then sew a top stitch, close to the edge on all sides.

5. If you are using the same stamp shade as I did, download and print the template. Place the template on top of the flattened sponge and trace it with the marker. Also make sure to cover your table or work surface with paper. The paint will bleed though the fabric!

6. Use the scissors to cut out the stamp.

7. Squirt some paint on the plate and drip the sponge in it. Move it around so the entire bottom of the sponge is covered.

8. Stamp away! Make sure to press firmly. I started the pattern directly in the center of the table runner. and worked out from there. Allow the paint to dry completely and heat set according to the directions on the paint bottle (this usually means ironing the fabric or putting it in the dryer).

DIY Sponge Stamped Fall Table Runner | Sarah Hearts


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