DIY Silicone Pacifier Clips

Learn how to make your own pacifier clips in minutes! Stock up on silicone beads and make pacifier clips for your own baby or to give as shower gifts.

Our little #babygirlhearts should make her arrival really soon! And with that has come all sorts of nesting in the past month and for someone who likes to make things, nesting apparently involves making baby DIYs. Anyone else do this too?

After ordering a package of silicone teething beads to make baby gym toys, I realized I had a ton left over. I did a quick Etsy search to see what I could make with them and saw tons of silicone pacifier clips pop up. It seemed like a great use for the left over teething beads, so I ordered a few plastic pacifier clips and got to work.

These clips are really easy to make and after making one, each one was quicker after that. I will warn you that your hands will hurt after making this project. Or at least my tired pregnancy hands did! Since the polyester cord is too thick for a thin sewing needle, you will have to use a larger plastic needle which makes threading the beads kinda difficult but not impossible. Since the beads are made from silicone, the will stretch with a little muscle. No pain, no gain in crafting, right?

If you don’t use pacifiers, you can also use these to attach wood teething toys like the wooden rings shown above.


Silicone teething beads
Pacificer Clips
White polyester cord
Plastic needle


  1. Cut a 25″ piece of white polyester cord and thread the plastic needle with it. One at a time, place 9 silicone teething beads on the cord.
  2. Find the center of the entire piece of cord and tie a knot to create a 2.5″ loop. Slide the beads down to meet the knot. Then thread the needle back through the beads. This will be kinda tough, but the beads will stretch!
  3. When you get to the end, loop the cord around the base of a pacifier clip. Hold it taught, and wrap the end of the cord tightly around the base of the clip and knot. Thread the end of the cord back through 3 or 4 beads (to hide the excess) and trim the end.


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