DIY Polka Dot Door

Add polka dots to any flat surface—including a door! This is a great way to add some charm to rentals and dorm rooms too.

Dress up a plain front door with some vinyl polka dots! Such an easy and quick DIY that's perfect for rental apartments and dorm rooms.

If you’ve been following my blog for awhile you know that I’m a big fan of polka dots. I put them on just about anything and everything so when I was looking for a way to add them to my new studio space I had just the idea. I wanted to add them to the door! This project is really quick, affordable, and definitely makes a statement!

How cute is this polka dot door? Can't wait to try this at home!

DIY Polka Dot Door

Time: 30 minutes


Matte white adhesive vinyl
Cutting machine or a circle cutter

I started as I do in most things with a mock up that was to scale in Adobe Illustrator. I do this often before starting projects because it’s a quick way to see if the scale of something is going to work. After doing a mock up with 4″ and 5″ circles I opted to go with 4″ circles. I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut 23, 4″ circles out of a roll of matte white adhesive vinyl. Then I used a tape measure and t-square to align the top and bottom rows. After those were up I found the center of the door and applied the center row of dots. I continues with the second row from the top and bottom, making the dots look like a grid. After the grid is up, then it was easy to add the rows of two dots making them more polka dot and less grid like.

A cute pup and polka dots! Loving the look of this DIY polka dot door.

Add vinyl polka dots to a door for a fun and playful look. Cute for a kid's room or even an office.

If you have plain front doors in your home you can dress them up by adding vinyl polka dots! Perfect for rentals too.

Now I kinda want to do this to every door in the house!

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  1. I love to DIY. It’s so much fun and it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. And by making it yourself, you can make it the way you want to.

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