Top Ten Sarah Hearts DIY Projects of 2017

Sharing a recap of the top ten most loved DIY projects of 2017. Includes DIY home decor, gifts, Halloween costumes, and more!

10 Favorite DIY Projects of 2017

Most Loved DIY Projects of 2017!

Today I’m sharing a round up of your favorite DIY projects I created last year. When I look back on the year, it’s crazy to think about how many DIYs I create and honestly I sometimes forget exactly what I did make. So this look back is as much for you as it is for me. Let’s take a trip down memory lane together and I hope it inspires you to create something fun this month or anytime this year!

  1. DIY House Number Wall Planter. I have to say this was my favorite home DIY I made last year too and I’m excited to see you guys loved it too. I’m happy to report the succulents are still going strong and whenever we have new guests at our house they always compliment the planter when they walk in—and let us know that it made it easy to identify our house.
  2. DIY Stenciled Monstera Leaf Cloth Napkins. I dyed a set of plain white cotton napkins a pretty pink and then stenciled monstera leaves all over. Let’s see what else I can put Swiss cheese plant leaves on this year.
  3. Bojack Horseman and Princess Carolyn Costumes. This one was a bit outside of what I normally share on here but I’m glad I did. You guys loved it and I was so excited to see so many of you dress up as Princess Carolyn for Halloween!
  4. Printable Tear-Off Weekly Planner. This was the all-time-favorite printable of the year and for good reason. I still use this every week. I’m excited to be sharing more organizational printables this year.
  5. Colorful Painted Pine Cone Wreath. This not-so-traditional fall wreath comes in at #5 and is the favorite holiday DIY of the year. Now was else can I paint dip for the holidays?
  6. DIY Watercolor Paper Plate Baskets. Painted pretty patterns and colors on cheap paper plates make for really cut food storage containers. They could also be used as gift baskets for parties and holidays.
  7. DIY Scalloped Gold Hoop Earrings. Favorite jewelry DIY of the year and I still wear these all the time. This DIY has inspired me to make more fun and colorful earrings.
  8. Printable Spice Jar and Storage Jar Labels. Another printable to help you guys stay organized. These jars are perfect for spices but also great for storing things around the bathroom (like bobby pins) and office (like paper clips).
  9. Printable Jewelry Card Valentines. Your valentines loved getting a handmade gift with a cute card. These cards can be customized with your own message and paired with anything—a handmade necklace, bangle or even candy.
  10. Anthropologie-Inspired Mini Heart Pullover Sweater. After spotting this shirt at the flagship Anthro in Philly last year I knew I had to try making my own one. I still wear this one all the time and the hearts have all stayed on.

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