DIY Modern Baby Crib Mobile

Learn all about the new Fiskar’s line of DIY tools that Sarah helped create and get step-by-step directions to make your own modern leather and copper wire baby crib mobile.

I’m so excited to finally tell you about something that’s been in the works for years! Nearly two years ago, Fiskars asked me and a few other creatives to be a part of their development process. They were planning on launching a brand new line of tools targeted specially for those who DIY and wanted insight from people like myself who create new DIY projects often with various tools. I’ve long been a fan of Fiskars products (you can read a little bit about my history and love of the brand in this post) so I jumped at the opportunity!

Well I’m so happy to share that the complete line of DIY tools by Fiskars is now available! The product lineup includes scissors, shears and snips that will cut through nearly every material you’ve ever wanted to cut. A light-weight but super precise hammer and oh-so-useful Nail Starter tool. There’s even a small level and hands down the best hand saw I’ve ever used. And. So. Much. More.

Through several in-person meetings I got to try out various 3D printed rough models of the tools, provide feedback, and get a hands-on experience of the industrial design process from CAD renderings all the way to the final products in all their bright orange packaged glory. Oh and a side note about the process; while orange has always been one of my favorite colors I was persistent in letting the brand know that this new line needed to be just as aesthetically pleasing as it was functional. While I did push for completely solid colored tools, a white rubber grip just wouldn’t have been practical. The team ended up creating bright white tools with gray accents like soft touch grips and they are just perfect in my book.

The new line of tools  has transformed traditional tools into multi-functional tools that everyone can use. They would make the perfect housewarming gift for someone in a small apartment and would equally be appreciated by someone who is a skilled DIYer.

The first project I knew I wanted to make when I received the tools was a modern, baby mobile. It was one of the projects that was on my list for the nursery but I wasn’t quite sure exactly how I would execute it. Then when I tried out the PowerCut Easy Action Snips I instantly knew leather would be the perfect material to use and I got to work! The Snips make sharp, clean cuts and cuts through leather like butter. Oh and they work great cutting wood veneer too. I tried a half dozen tools when creating the village hook rack and the Snips were the only one that cleanly cut through the wood!

Whether you have a nursery or not, this modern mobile would be pretty in any room of the house. Simply customize  the look by using leather in your favorite color palette and you can create your own Alexander Calder inspired hanging art piece.

Watch the video to see how to make it!

DIY Modern Baby Crib Mobile


Printable Shape Template
PowerCut Easy Action Snips (8 in.)
Precision Needle-nose Pliers (6 in.)
16 gauge copper wireabout 10′
Colored leather sheets in various colors
Quick dry tacky glue
Marker or pen, slightly darker than the leather colors
Clear monofilament linefor mounting
Ceiling hook, for mounting


  1. Download the shape template and print it out on cardstock. Use scissors to cut out the shapes.
  2. Use a marker that’s slightly darker than the leather colors to trace the templates on the back, or rough side of the leather sheets. Use the Snips to cut 2 of each shape.
  3. Use the Pliers to cut the copper wire in the following lengths: 2 – 12″, 16″, 8″, 6″ and 4″. Each measurement is simply a suggested length. Feel free to adjust it to your liking. Once you complete the first piece you will have a better understanding of how the mobile is built and may want to shorten or lengthen the proceeding pieces.
  4. Build from the bottom up. Start by using the Pliers to bend either end of the 12″ wire up slightly. Apply glue to the backside of a leather piece and place one bent end of the wire piece on top. Sandwich it with the matching piece of cut leather and press down firmly to adhere the leather to the wire. Repeat by adding another shape to the opposite end of the wire.
  5. Find a balance point, or rather, the point on middle of the wire where you want the next wire to attach to. It’s easiest to figure this out by holding the piece up and seeing how it hangs. When you choose a balance point, grab that place on the wire with the tip of the Pliers and wrap the wire around the tip. When the wire create a loop, remove the pliers, and insert them in the loop and grab the top of the wire loop with them. Continue bending the wire to complete the loop.
  6. Add more wires and shapes. Continue building the mobile by adding additional wire pieces from the bottom up. After the first wire piece, every other wire will connect on one end and have a leather shape on the other. When you’re done, simply create a loop on the upper wire to use as a hanging point.


Optional Detail

I added tiny white polka dots to the large semi-circle shape by dipping the pointed end of a paint brush in white craft paint. It’s a super easy way to add a little pattern to the mobile!







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