DIY House Village Hook Rack

Sarah Hearts teaches you how to make an adorable house shaped peg hook rack that is perfect for a nursery, kids room or mud room. Keep reading for the supply list and video tutorial.

Before (and now since) June arrived, I’ve been busy creating things for her room. I made a wood baby gym with felt toys, a laser-cut wood name sign and now a fun little house rack to hang things on. I gave a simple wood peg hook rack a DIY update in just a few steps—no power tools required! It serves as a place to hang swaddles and display a pretty outfit and when she grows it can grow with her too. And later display jewelry, a jump rope, or maybe headphones.

I’ve partnered with Martha Stewart to try out their new line of family friendly craft supplies to create this kid-friendly project. I’ve long been a big fan of the Martha Stewart craft line at Michaels and the addition of family-friendly craft paint, stencils and tool is awesome. The paints are non-toxic, clean up with soap and water and have family-friendly supplies like stencils, brushes and scalloped painters tape. You can find Martha Stewart products exclusively at Michaels.

Watch the video below to see how to make your own unique hook rack!

DIY House Peg Hook Rack for Nursery



Step 1

Remove the paper shapes inside each stencil. Use scissors to carefully cut around the house and building stencils you would like to use.

Step 2

Remove the paper backing from each stencil and place them on the wood veneer. Arrange the house and building stencils until they occupy the entire length.

Use the Stencil Tape to block out the doors on each stencil. Add more tape where necessary to avoid paint bleeding outside the stencils.

Step 3

Place a smallest square shaped Bottle Topper on the bottle of white, or Snowball, paint. Test the flow of paint on a scrap piece of paper before using on the stencil.

Using an up and down dabbing motion, apply the white paint inside the stencils. Allow it to dry completely.

Step 4

Remove the Stencil Tape that covered the door part of each stencil and apply more tape around the door shapes to block out the white parts of the stencil. This will avoid any colored paint from bleeding outside of the door stencil.

Alternating colors in rainbow order, use a paint brush to fill in each door stencil.

Step 5

Allow the paint to dry completely and then remove the stencils.

Step 6

Use sharp scissors or snips to cut out the “skyline” along the roof tops of each house.

Step 7

Apply Glue Dots or strong double-sided tape to the bottom edge of the wood. Place the wood peg rack on top and press down firmly to adhere the wood houses to the back of the rack. Now your rack is ready to be displayed!

Optional Detail

Want to add another fun touch to the wood rack? Use the Scallop Martha Stewart Pattern Tape to create a scalloped edge on the top or front of the wood rack. To do this, cut a piece of tape that’s slightly longer than the wood rack. Remove the paper backing from the tape and adhere it to the rack. Use your fingers to smooth out the tape and press down to firmly adhere it. Use a flat paint brush from the Martha Stewart Family Friendly Brush Set to apply your choice of paint.


When using painter’s tape or in this case, pattern tape, always paint away from the edge you want to be nice and crisp. This prevents the paint from bleeding under the tape and making it look blurry, or not sharp.

For an added detail, I used the Bottle Toppers and paint to create fun polka dot hangers. Simply start with wooden infant sized hangers and use the round Bottle Topper in your favorite color of paint to stamp circles on the front of each hanger. Allow it to dry completely and you have a customized set of hangers. Both the rack and the hangers would make an adorable baby shower gift, don’t you think?

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