Stylish Comfort Sandals

  Over a year ago I shared my journey with chronic foot pain. Today I wanted to share an update of the past year and…

Stylish comfort sandals for spring for achy feet


Over a year ago I shared my journey with chronic foot pain. Today I wanted to share an update of the past year and the things I’ve found to be helpful. Head over here to read the post.

I’ve always been a fan big of shoes but once my foot pain started my doctor told me to throw away all my cute shoes.  I thought he was crazy but I quickly learned that I needed supportive shoes. The good news is that more and more brands that making stylish shoes for my always aching feet. The most important thing I’ve found is that I need shoes with really good arch support. This is especially hard to find in sandals since most don’t provide any support at all.

Here are a few of my favorite sandals that I’ve been wearing lately. They all offer great support without the old lady velcro shoe look.

1. Serenity by Orthaheel. Available in white, black, bright coral, and navy these retro inspired sandals look cute with dresses and instantly make shorts a bit dressier.
2. Havana by Vionic. These took some breaking in but are now my favorite spring sandals.
3. Sam by Dansko. I have these in the sand color and I’m loving the bright red ones. They have the look of a traditional clog without the weight.
4. & 5. Cancun by Vionic. I haven’t ordered these yet because I can’t decide which color combo I like best!

If you need to wear comfort shoes, what are your favorite brands/styles of supportive shoes for sensitive feet?


  1. I went to a launch for Vionic not long ago and I also fell in love with the Cancun wedges. I have what I like to call ‘old lady feet’ and need all the help I can get.

  2. I have plantar fasciitis also and with being on my feet most of the day at work Dansko’s are a favorite! Thanks for sharing the fun and stylish options that also provide comfort for those of us with achy feet. This girl wants cute shoes!

  3. Vionic truely does make some stylish and comfortable sandals. The built-in arch support really helps reduce foot fatigue. I really like wearing the men’s Bryce flip flop. We sell a ton of sandals and that one is by far my favorite. -Matt from the Orthotic Shop.

  4. I would encourage you to try OOfos Recovery Sandals. Cushioned with Arch Support, there is nothing on the market like them.

    Ideal for those dealing with chronic foot pain

    Tyler -from

  5. Hello I stumbled across your post searching foe a way with chronic foot pain. Whay a story you have and tha la for sharing. I’m having pain after a bunionectomy and hammertoe surgery 10 years ago. Is the acupuncture still helping.

  6. I have had severe chronic foot pain for years and no one has a clue! I know more than these drs!!! In meantime I lost my fat pad, cannot find and sock or shoes for high instep / arches that Are padded enough I would love any opinion anyone has please please please desperate I’m sick of being in and out of a wheelchair and only being 50 years old

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