Brown, Blue and Gold Color Palette

Get inspired with this chocolate, pool cyan and gold color palette.

I’ve been loving this color palette lately. There’s something about brown and light blue that always looks oh so good. And adding gold to the mix brightens it up perfectly for spring.

Image by The Schultzes.


  1. I found the brown, blue and gold color pallet through pinterest. Can you give me the color codes/numbers? I am working on my brand and am needing the RGB (digital color for images). Thank you!

    1. Hi Yvonne, here are the RGB formulas: chocolate (87/74/58), cyan (40/141/185), pool (160/197/203), and gold (223/181/47).

    1. Hi Joni, the color palette shown is actually made up of Pantone colors for design use and aren’t actually paint colors. If you’d like to use them as such I recommend taking the color palette to your local paint shop and having them find a match.

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