Blog Fete Orlando, Florida

Here’s my recap of Blog Fete 2013 in Orlando, Florida.

Blog Fete Orlando | @sarahhearts

This weekend I attend another blogging event!  This weekend’s event was Blog Fete and it was held here in Orlando, Florida. It was a smaller, more intimate event which meant it was easier to connect with everyone. Sometimes these events can be so large and a bit intimidating to my somewhat introverted self. Blog Fete was a blast and it was really great meeting other Florida bloggers and connecting with inspiring people. After last week’s Better Homes and Gardens event, I’m getting a bit spoiled spending so much time with so many talented ladies.

Blog Fete Orlando | @sarahhearts

The event was hosted by the lovely Melissa. She’s a talented lady that wears a million different hats. She somehow manages to work full time, blog, and organize events! Melissa and I actually met earlier this year at our local Container Store blogger sneak peek event. Carmen, the lady behind that amazing tassel garland, and Michele are also part of the Blog Fete team. Thanks for all your hard work ladies!

Blog Fete Orlando | @sarahhearts

There were so many delicious sweets including these gorgeous sweets by In Flight Celebrations. The night before the adorable Mindy spoiled us with her homemade macarons. And if that wasn’t enough, I took home bags and bags of sweets! Seriously, so. much. swag.

Blog Fete Orlando | @sarahhearts

The day with full of learning and lots of sharing. Brittini (who may be my long lost DIY BFF, if such a thing exists) discussed being a contributor, Ashley talked about developing your brand, Kristen talked about photography and styling, and Kori discussed finding balance. It was such a fun event and I’m happy to have been a part of it!


  1. I’m still so bummed I didn’t get to attend but I’m glad you ladies were able to enjoy! I’m sure I will be able to make it to next year’s event. Melissa is so inspiring with her ability to put together so many events and still work full time. Lovely photos!

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