Baby Lock Ballad Sewing Machine Favorite Features

I recently upgraded to the Baby Lock Ballad and I’m in love! Learn about all my favorite features of this sewing machine.

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Baby Lock Ballad sewing machine sitting on a wood desk with a bright, floral curtain in the background.

I’m excited to share that I’ve continued my partnership with Baby Lock this year and they graciously sent me a new machine! Today I’m going to share my favorite features of the Baby Lock Ballad sewing machine in case you’re considering in investing in one too. While I still absolutely adore my Soprano, sewing with the Ballad has been a dream! So let’s take a closer look at what makes sewing machine a integral tool in my sewing practice.

Close up detail of the Baby Lock Ballad sewing machine LCD screen.

LCD Color Touch Screen

The most noticeable thing about the Ballad is the huge LCD color touch screen. I’ve never owned a sewing machine with a color screen before and after completing my first project, I’m hooked! The touch screen displays your current, selected stitch along with handy info like which presser foot is required, the stitch width, length, needle position, and tension. All of which you can easily change by simply touching the screen. The screen also features your entire stitch library (all 771 stitches!) so you can quickly scroll through and select a stitch. This was new to me because I’m used to the included stitches being printed directly on the machine but I love being able to choose a stitch and display the name too so I know exactly what I’m selecting each time.

Close up of the Baby Lock Ballad needle-threading button.

Nevermiss Automatic Needle Threader

This is a fully automatic needle threader—it works in just a push of a button. While you still have to manually load the thread on the spool and through the guides it is quick and easy. The labels on the machine make it super easy to do it and I find that it’s the easiest machine I’ve ever threaded. Once you pass the thread through the last part, you trim it with the built-in blade on the side and then press the needle threading button on the machine. And just like magic, an arm pops down, grabs your thread, and threads it through the eye of the needle—and it works even if your needle isn’t in the center position. Magic!

Photo of the Baby Lock Ballad dual presser foot with a woman's pants and shoes on the pedal. Photo of the Baby Lock Ballad dual presser foot with a woman's pants and shoes on the pedal.

Multi-Function Foot Control

The real star of this machine is the multi-function foot control. This dual pedal foot control allows you to customize each of three settings. You have have the traditional forward toe press to make your machine sew, then you can customize a heel press on the same pedal. Plus you have a second, smaller foot control that you can choose from several programmable options. My favorite is setting the heel tap to lift the presser foot up and down and setting the second pedal to cut my thread. This means you can keep both hands on your fabric and never have to touch the machine to start or stop sewing.

Built for Quilting and Large Projects

This machine is substantial and this means there’s more throat space too. There’s 11.25″ to the right of the needle leaving a ton of room for sewing large projects like quilts and thick projects like jeans.

It also comes with a compact digital dual-feed system which is just a fancy way of saying it comes with the ultimate walking foot that allows for sewing very thick things (up to 7mm) with 36 different stitches. I already found this to be handy when re-stitching the top stitching on my pockets of my rigid denim Lander pants. It sewed through all the layers with ease—and no needles we broken!

Close up of threading the Baby Lock Ballad sewing machine.

Quick, Drop in Bobbin

Like many Baby Lock machines, the Ballad also features their very easy to use drop-in bobbin. When you combine this with the automatic needle threader, it means you can quickly change your thread and start sewing. Plus the LED lights on this machine light the area very well so you can see the bobbin clearly.

Unique to this machine, the bobbin has a low bobbin alert which is so handy when you like to play thread chicken like me. On previous machine I would often sew for minutes before realizing my bobbin is empty. Now I don’t have to worry about that again!

And speaking of swapping thread, the Ballad comes with an attachable stand for holding two spools of thread so you can queue up various thread colors and switch between them while working on one project. I cannot wait to try out this stand when sewing my next pair of jeans. I plan to have my top stitching thread ready to go.

Photo of the Baby Lock Ballad sewing machine on a wood desk with a wood panel and window in the background.

Push Button Features

When you’re ready to sew backwards, stitch in place, or adjust the sewing speed you can do it all from the physical buttons right on the front of the machine. Here you can also push a button to cut your thread, raise and lower the presser foot, and thread the needle too.

Close up of a Baby Lock clear open toe presser foot.

Included Accessories

The Ballad comes with 13 presser feet, including the previously mentioned compact digital dual-feed foot, which is everything you need to get started and more! The only Baby Lock foot that isn’t included that is one of my most used is the Edge Joining Foot. Add this to the mix and you have everything you might ever need for garments, quiltings, bags, and more!

Photo of Sarah Rivero Khandjian standing behind a Baby Lock Ballad sewing machine with a yellow and pink floral curtain behind her.

I’m so sew excited to learn more about this machine as I use it and cannot wait to share more about it with you!


  1. That Machine is gorgeous ? I am sooo jelly right now!!! I might have to make a deal with my hubby for this one….I’ll tell him I don’t want anymore gifts for the next 10 years if I can just have this Machine now ? that sounds like a good deal right?!?! I could always just buy it and deal with him later, I’ve been told it’s easier to ask for forgiveness than permission ?? seriously though it sounds like a dream sewing machine. I’ve been looking to upgrade and this one definitely checks all of the boxes and more. I’m self taught and feel like the machine itself would teach me more about sewing which is pretty cool.

  2. I’ve had my mine for almost a year now and although I use it exclusively for quilting; I’m in delighted with the know tying button , the larger foot attachment for binding and the size of the foot peddle. I also like the large LCD screen. Although I have yet to use so many of the other feet, second no pedal, etc…this machine is worth every dollar I paid for it!

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