DIY Color Blocked Wood Heart Cake Toppers

These toppers are perfect for an extra special Valentine’s Day cake or would be oh-so-adorable on a wedding cake!

Learn how to make these painted wood heart cake toppers. So cute for Valentine's Day or even a wedding!

Let the Valentine’s Day crafting begin! A few weeks ago I was in Jo-Ann’s with my mother-in-law picking up some yarn for this project and I stumbled upon BARC wood adhesive wood sheets. Since the packaging stated the sheets could be cut with a cutting machine I knew I had to give them a try. The first project on my list was to create color blocked heart cake toppers with the material. These toppers are perfect for an extra special Valentine’s Day cake or would be oh-so-adorable on a wedding cake! You can use them to dress up a store bought cake (I won’t tell anyone) or make a batch of the smaller ones to adorn your favorite cupcakes.

Download the SVG file to use with your Silhouette or Cricut Explore

Download the PDF template to print and cut by hand

Loving these painted wood heart cake toppers! (Click through for template and directions on how to make them)

Adhesive wood sheets (I used the birch color)
– Craft paint, in any colors you want
– Painter’s tape (this is my fave)
6-inch and 4-inch wood skewers, one for each heart topper

1. Cut out the wood hearts using the SVG template and your Silhouette or Cricut Explore. If you don’t have a cutting machine, you can print out the PDF template, cut out the hearts, and trace the outline of them onto the wood sheet and then cut them out using scissors.

2. Before removing the cut out hearts from the sheet, use the painter’s tape to mask off a small section of each heart. It can be in any direction you want.

3. Paint away from the tape edge and paint each heart. Remove the tape before the paint dries and then allow it to dry completely.

4. Remove one heart sticker and place the top of a wooden skewer on the sticky side. Carefully align another heart sticker that’s the same size on top, making sure the painted wood sides are on the outside. Use the 4″ skewers for the small hearts and the 6″ skewers for the large hearts. Repeat this, making as many toppers as you want!

These are really fun to make and come together pretty quickly. If you’re in a time crunch (who isn’t, right?) use your hair dryer to dry the craft paint and speed this DIY along.

Note If you’re using a Silhouette:
It took several attempts to get the cut settings right on my Silhouette. If you plan on using your’s here’s the settings I recommend:

Ratchet Blade:  7
Speed: 1
Thickness: 32
Use with a cutting mat!

These settings did cut through the paper side, however, it wasn’t a big deal since I painted the hearts before removing them from the paper. I did try using a lower blade setting/thickness so the paper backing wouldn’t cut but when I did it didn’t cut through the wood sheet.

Give your sweetie a cake topped with wood hearts this Valentine's Day! This DIY would also be adorable for a wedding cake!

Wondering what else you can make with your Silhouette? Check out my Silhouette page for templates, shapes, and project ideas.


  1. Hi Sarah! This is SO awesome! I do a weekly Silhouette series called Silhouette Saturday. I’m working on a round-up of awesome Silhouette posts for one of them. May I use a photo and feature this with a link back to your full post? Thanks so much! -Dawn

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