DIY Valentine’s Day Wall Hangings

Decorate your home for Valentine’s Day with these adorable XO and heart flag banners.

Love this heart banner! It's oh-so-perfect for Valentine's Day but would also be a cute for a wedding or just to hang in a little girl's nursery.

Valentine’s Day is no joke around here. I mean, it really just gives me a reason to continue putting hearts on everything! So to continue my put-a-heart-on-everything obsession I made some wall hangings that are oh so prefect for Valentine’s Day. But they are so cute you’ll want to leave them up way past the 14th! They are inspired by my friend Jeran’s adorable sisters banner which she made using real gold leather. My version uses gold pleather that can be found at most fabric stores.

Love this gold XO banner! Such a cute way to decorate for Valentine's Day. (click through for full tutorial)

This DIY heart wall hanging is the perfect decoration for Valentine's Day but it's so cute you'll want to leave it up after February 14th!

Time: 30 minutes per banner
– gold pleather
heat transfer fabric interfacing
– fabric cut to 12″ x 15″, color or print of your choice
12″ wooden dowel
fabric glue
two-sided pressure sensitive fusible tape
– white cotton string, for hanging your banner
XO and heart templates: SVG file (to cut with your Silhouette) or printable PDF template

Step 1: place two-sided fusible tape one inch in from the edge of the fabric.

Step 1: With the fabric wrong side up, place a piece of the fusible tape along the long side of the fabric about 1/2″ from the edge.

Step 2: Fold the edge over and press it flat.

Step 2: Peel away the paper backing and fold over the edge. Smooth out any wrinkles.

Step 3: press the edge with a warm iron to adhere the tape

Step 3: Use a warm iron to press the seam and make the tape adhere to the fabric. (And don’t iron on paper like it looks like I did in this photo—iron on an ironing board or mat!) Repeat steps 1-3 to the other long edge of the fabric.

Step 4: cut a triangle out of the bottom edge, making it look like a flag

Step 4: Fold the fabric in half and cut out a triangle to make the banner into a flag shape. Cut in the opposite direction to make a pointed flag (like the heart banner).

Step 5: use two-sided fusible tape to make a pocket for the wooden dowel to slide into.

Step 5: Add a piece of fusible interfacing to the other short edge of the fabric (not the edge you just cut—the other side). Place the wooden dowel on top of your banner.

Step 6: remove the paper backing and press the tape with a warm iron

Step 6: Remove the paper backing and fold the fabric over the wooden dowel. Press the fabric smooth with your hands and then press it with the iron to adhere the tape.

Step 7: use fabric glue to glue the gold pleather shapes onto the banner

Step 7: Iron the heat transfer interfacing onto the wrong side of the gold pleather fabric. Make sure to place a scrap piece of fabric on top of the interfacing while you iron. Peel away the paper backing and cut out the letters or the heart. If you’re using a Silhouette, place the fabric on a cutting mat and use the following cut settings:

– Blade 10
– Speed 3
– Thickness 33
Do not double cut

Apply fabric glue to the backs of the letters or heart. Carefully place them on the banner and press them into place. Allow the glue to dry completely then use the cotton string to hang your banner on the wall.


These banners would be equally cute at a wedding or even adorable in a little girl’s nursery! You can use this same method to make your own custom banner. Just cut your monogram or favorite saying out of the gold pleather and glue it to the banner!

See what else you can make with a cutting machine over on my Silhouette page.


  1. Thanks for sharing. Super cute. Just to clarify you didn’t hem the bottom with the double sided tape?


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