DIY Paper Triangle Garland Christmas Tree Garland

Learn how to make a simple, sewn paper triangle Christmas tree garland.

DIY Paper Triangle Garland Christmas Tree Garland from

DIY Paper Triangle Garland Christmas Tree Garland from

I’m slowly getting Casa Khandjian ready for Christmas. We picked up a tree this past weekend and Kevin put the light on. Now that it’s our fifth married Christmas (which I still can’t believe! Where does all the time go?) we have a route. Kevin puts the lights on the tree because I don’t have the patience to do it, and I put the ornaments on tree.

I wanted to spruce up the tree this year and add some new decorations but I didn’t want to spend much. So after spotting a similar garland at West Elm I decided to make a similar one for our tree. I made almost 12 yards of garland for less than $10!

DIY Sewn Triangle Tree Garland

to make enough garland for a 7′ tree

Supplies: 8 sheets of 12″ x 12″ scrapbook paper / washi tape (optional) / ruler / craft knife or paper cutter / bone folder (not entirely necessary but it makes folding the paper a million time easier) / sewing machine with coordinating thread

  1. Use a rule and X-acto knife or paper cuter to cut each sheet into 36 2″ x 2″ squares. If you want to add washi tape or fabric tape to the triangles, do that before you cut the paper into squares. Use the bone folder (or your fingers) to fold each paper square into a triangle. Then use a sewing machine and a long straight stitch to sew each triangle together.
  2. I used a scrap of cardboard as a spool of sorts for the garland. This prevented it from getting tangled and made it really easy to put the garland on the tree.

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