DIY Monogram Teal Towel

Gift your friends a hand stenciled monogram tea towel this holiday season.

Here’s another practical gift that is perfect for newly wed friends and foodies alike. Stenciled monogram tea towels (also know as kitchen or hand towels) are very cheap to make and look lovely in the kitchen. I used the freezer paper stencil method (explained below) with acrylic paint mixed with a fabric medium. The fabric medium allows the paint to set and be washable. You can also use fabric paint, and save some money.

These would also be a perfect hostess gift you give to your friend or family member who is hosting the holiday dinner. The would be an adorable wrapping “paper” for a small loaf cake. Don’t be overwhelmed with the length of supplies or directions. This is a supper simple craft!

• Tea towels (I purchased these towels at Ikea for $.79 each!)
• Fabric paint
• Acrylic paint and fabric medium (like this one, I had both)
• Foam brush or medium size paint brush
• Freezer paper (can purchase this at any grocery store)
• Printer
• X-Acto Knife
• Iron

1. Print out the letters or initials using a word processing program. I recommend using a font that is pretty thick and not a script, as a script font will be harder to cut out. I used this font (I’m obsessed with it right now!)
2. Place the paper with the printer letter under a piece of freezer paper that is about 2″ larger than the letter. Make sure the shinny side of the freezer paper is facing down.
3. Using a pencil or sharpie marker, trace the letter (you will be  writing on the matte side of the freezer paper).
4. Remove the print out then using your x-acto knife, carefully cut along the outline of the letter. If using a letter such as A, B, D, you will also need to cut out the “inside” of the letter. Keep the “inside” of the letter. you will need this for the stencil.
5. Iron your tea towel to smooth out any wrinkles. Then place the freezer paper stencil with the shinny side down on top of the tea towel wherever you would like the monogram to be. Iron the stencil onto the towel. Make sure you not use any steam or spray while ironing the stencil onto the towel.
6. Paint inside of the stencil then allow to dry. After it is dry, add a second coat if necessary. Then remove the stencil once it is completely dry.
7. Using a dry iron, iron over the monogram to heat set the image. Then you’re ready for gifting!

Cost: $.79 per towel

{Photos by me)

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