Stylish iPad 2 Cases

Protect your iPad 2 with one of these stylish cases.

So did you get your hands on the iPad 2? If so, here are some stylish cases that may appeal to us ladies. Most of the cases above some in several color or pattern combinations. The Pixel Skin HD wrap is similar to Apple’s Smart Cover. It will wake up the iPad when you peel back the cover. If you prefer to use your iPad naked (that is without a case), the A-line bag is great when you need to travel because it has room for the charger and your other apple mobile devices.

Yes, guys, most are also available is some more manly colors too.

1. Armour Case by Cygnett.
2. Agenda Case by booq.
3. Key-Per small tech sleeve by Fossil.
4.  Pixel Skin HD wrap by Speck.
5. A-Line Bag by Speck.

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