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See how to use the Sprout by HP in your creative process and download the free printable lady boss, make it happen, and hustle art prints.

Add some inspiration to your office walls with this free printable Lady Boss art print! It was created using the Sprout by HP.

I often get asked what inspires me and how I continue creating day after day. My creative process has evolved over the years but my need for experimentation is still strong. I often have an idea in my head and I can picture exactly what the final outcome will be but ultimately most DIY projects are a lot of trial and error. Sometimes those ideas don’t come to life exactly as planned. Sometimes it’s just not possible or often supplies don’t work as well as I hoped they would. But what most people may not know, is that I often sketch out my ideas before I complete a project.

Get inspired with these free printable lady boss art prints and see how you can maximize your workflow with the Sprout by HP.

That’s where the new Sprout by HP comes into my creative process. It’s a touchscreen PC with a built-in overhead scanner that allows you to capture 3D and 2D objects and incorporate them into your design in just a few seconds. It’s such a great tool to use to work through your creative process and quickly combine the physical and the digital. It also has a Touch Mat that allows you to paint with your fingers and layer text directly on top (or behind) your scanned objects. This is the perfect tool for planning DIY projects because often I only have one item to use and don’t have room for error!

Download the printable art prints

The Sprout allows you to combine digital and analog mediums in a matter of seconds.

I gave my Sprout a test run and used it to capture scans of painted paper and the wet paint brushes. There’s something so fun about being able to manipulate your digital images with your hands. Maybe it’s the kid in me, but I just loved being able to create these with my hands. It felt more organic and more like I was drawing than using a mouse.

Scan 3D objects in a tap and easily take your ideas on a test run in the Sprout workspace.

The Sprout has an over-head scanner that can capture images of 3D objects in just a matter of seconds!

Use the touch mat to create and preview your artwork on the display above using the new Sprout by HP

It really is as easy to use as it looks. I started by placing a large sheet of paper on the Touch Mat (because I didn’t want to actually paint the mat) and painted the sheet using a wide brush. After I was done painting, I placed the brush on the painted sheet and used the scanner to capture the entire image. Once it was captured, I added it to my workspace and changed the scale and rotated the image. I used the type tool to add text on top of the image and moved both around on the Touch Mat until it was just right.

I printed out the artwork on matte photo paper to give my office walls (and myself) a little bit of motivation! You can download them too if you’re needing some inspiration to make it happen.

Bring your ideas to life with the Sprout by HP. It's a PC with a built-in 3D scanner. Perfect for capturing inspiration in an instant!

What would you create with a Sprout? And how would you use it in your creative process?

This post was created in partnership with Sprout by HP

This post was created in partnership with Sprout by HP. Thanks for supporting the brands that keep this blog going!


  1. I LOVE these!! You clever bean. Going to share with my followers – thanks Sarah!!

  2. I love these, but they don’t seem to print as vividly as they should. Any suggestions on how to correct this?

    1. Unfortunately they print more dull than they appear in the photos. To get the brightest and most saturated prints possible, I recommend printing them on the photo setting on your printer.

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