S’mores Mousse Tart

Bring the campfire flavor indoors by making a s’mores mousse tart.

Happy Fourth of July!

Well, almost! I know I’m a little early, but if you’re anything like me, you’ve got the upcoming long weekend on the brain. I’m looking forward to spending time with good friends, setting off fireworks, and of course, eating!

Fourth of July is one of the biggest days for cookouts, and when the flames from the grill begin to die down, it’s time for everyone’s favorite summertime treat: s’mores!

Oh yeah. S’mores are the greatest, don’t you think? Warm, gooey toasted marshmallows, melty chocolate and crunchy graham crackers, all in one portable package. Pretty much the perfect bite!

Well, unless you’re me. You see, I’m pretty messy. I seem to spill things on me pretty often when I eat, and I’m always covered in crumbs. When it comes to s’mores, I have the uncanny ability to completely coat myself in melted marshmallow and drippy chocolate in five seconds flat.

No matter how dainty a bite I take, or how many napkins I use, it’s just one big hot mess of an experience. You know how a baby smashes cake and gets it everywhere on their first birthday? That’s me, with s’mores. Every time.

That doesn’t change the fact that the s’mores flavor combination is delicious and addictive, so I decided to reinterpret this classic campfire delight: a s’mores mousse tart!

Graham cracker crust, thick and fluffy chocolate mousse, and a plethora of tiny toasted marshmallows on top. S’mores you eat with a fork! It’s perfect!

This s’mores tart can be made in lots of different styles: a classic round tart, a rectangular tart pan like I used, or you could even make it in a standard square pan!

Any way you slice it, this s’mores tart is sure to win you over. It’s a grown-up version of the childhood classic that we all know and love, plus you won’t have sticky fingers after you’re done eating! Everybody wins.

Have a wonderful Fourth of July!



{Photographs and recipe by Jaclyn. Click here for the recipe.}

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