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Get a peek inside my new bright home studio and see where I create!

Love this clean and bright home studio! Click through to see the entire room.

I’m so excited to share my new home studio with you! The room is still very much a work in progress but it’s come so far from where it was. If you need a refresher, take a look at what it looked like before. I moved my computer into our guest room and made that my new office and transformed the room that was my office into my new studio space.

To make the space feel larger and much brighter, I removed the old built in desk and replaced it with a moveable, folding table and painted the entire room a bright white—Sherwin-Williams Harmony Interior Paint in Pure White to be exact. The result is an airy, bright space that is truly a blank canvas! I primed the walls using Harmony Wall primer and then had to apply two coats of the Harmony Interior Paint on top of that. Though it didn’t cover as well as the Emerald, my favorite Sherwin-Williams paint, I chose to use this paint because it barely has an scent and doesn’t have any VOCs. It also absorbs oder over time which is an awesome bonus!

This mint green pendant light is the perfect blend of retro and modern.

I, or rather Kevin, swapped the old tiny white ceiling fan that was installed by the previous homeowners with this mint green retro inspired pendant light. It’s the Webster pendant light from Crate & Barrel which unfortunately is sold out. I love the subtle pop of color it brings to the room.

The amazing tassel garland is a custom color kit from The Flair Exchange. I choose coral, yellow, mint and metallic gold (of course) and strung it across the window. The perfect cheery accent for the space.

This hobby table can be rolled away when not in use and has tons of workspace, perfect for a tiny craft room.

I removed the desk I had built when we first moved into the house nearly four and half years ago and replaced it with this hobby table. I love this table so much I bought a second one for my office! It’s really well made and can seat up to four people. It’s perfect for cutting fabric on and it’s large enough for working on multiple projects at once.

Oh and isn’t the dot wastebasket adorable? I also loved this so much I bought a second one for my office. I’m using the small plastic storage bins to stash away tape and glue. I’m using the large storage bins to store printer paper and Silhouette vinyl. The gold foil wall calendar is from My Mind’s Eye.

Love this bright white home studio space!

We hung up a plastic pegboard that had been sitting in my studio closet since we moved it. My dad made it for me in college and I’m excited to be using it again. I’m hanging scissors, rulers, and Silhouette cutting mats on it. All things that get used often. I plan on adding a pegboard shelf or basket to it to maximize it’s functionality!

This hobby table is just what I need in my tiny home. It can be tucked away when not in use and expands to seat four.

I’m using some Ikea folding chairs that I used in my first apartment in Orlando though I plan on swapping them out for these Eames style chairs soon.

Love these cute art prints in Sarah's home studio.

Daisy thinks the new office is pretty great too. The horse print is from Alena Hennessy, a lovely artist I had the opportunity to intern for while in college. I’ll share details on the adventure print I made next week as well as how I transformed the Ikea shelving unit into a sideboard table!

This post is sponsored by Sherwin-Williams. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Thanks so much for supporting the brands that keep this blog going!


  1. Looks amazing! (Also–OMG–so clean and neat! I’m jealous!) Anyway, this is Alyssa–we met at Alt. I just stopped by to check out your site–it looks awesome! So excited to keep up with it now. It was SO nice to meet you at the conference. Keep in touch? :)

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