Sarah Hearts Fabric Now Available

My collection of joyful fabrics and matching woven labels is now available!

The fabric shop is now live! And I couldn’t be more excited!

It’s been a dream of mine forever, like since I was a kid, to have my own artwork on fabric. Since diving head first into garment sewing when I was pregnant with June the dream grew even more. At the start of quarantine back in March I decided it was time to take a leap and just go for it. While I sure could have gone an easier route through simply licensing my artwork, I wanted to go all in and develop my own fabric collection and online shop.

After transforming sketchbook pages into repeat patterns (with lots of tiny tweaks to placement and scale), I nailed down the designs that would be part of my collection. Then I sourced manufactures and printers all on my own and got TONS of samples. From there, I placed the larger order and got making. I’ve already made tons of garments—and masks—with the fabric that I can’t wait to show you!

The collection includes 4 cotton sateen fabrics in vivid, beautiful colors! Each fabric is sold by the yard and is 58″ wide—perfect for sewing your own clothes! The fabrics look stunning on their own but are also oh-so-lovely together.

Made from 100% cotton sateen fabric, this fabric is easy to sew with and presses like a dream. Which means it’s the perfect fabric to use when you’re sewing your very first garment! But more advanced sewists will love it too. It’s lightweight and airy with a really nice drape. Making it perfect for dresses and skirts alike.

But wait, there’s more…

In addition to the fabric, I’ve designed 4 different high quality woven labels that can be sew right into the seams of your next make. They are truly the icing on the cake on your me made clothing. You can use them to simply identify which side is the back or to show yourself a little self love too. There are 4 different designs so you’re sure to find one that matches your style.

Like good wine and cheese, these woven labels are the perfect pairing! They are color matched perfectly with the fabric so you can have beautiful, colorful garments on both the inside and outside. The daisy woven labels shown above are perfect for the inside of your finished garment but would also be adorable sew into the outside seam of a tote bag or fanny pack.

The Made by Me woven labels actually shimmer! The rainbow arches and text on these labels are made from metallic gold thread and match with so many makes.

I felt like we all can use a tiny reminder of our beauty each day so why not add a little note to yourself when you’re putting on your favorite handmade garment. The You Are Beautiful woven labels are made from bright strawberry pink thread and can be sew onto so many things.

You know that feeling with someone says, “I love your outfit!” and you proudly respond, “Thanks, I made it!” While that’s the sentiment I wanted to capture with these cute Thanks I Made it woven labels.

Head to the shop today and pick up a couple yards of your favorite prints! I cannot wait to see what you make with it and I hope it brings you joy in the process too!


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