DIY Retro Inspired Holiday Wreath

Learn how to make a retro inspired silver tinsel wreath.

DIY Retro Inspired Holiday Wreath from

DIY Retro Inspired Holiday Wreath from

DIY Retro Inspired Holiday Wreath from

Over the years I’ve collected bright, retro inspired pink, green, blue, and orange Christmas ornaments. So this year I want to use the same color palette and theme throughout our entire house. Well, it may just be an excuse for me to try to cover every inch of our house with saturated color and glitter but don’t let the hubs know that.

So to start the holiday decorating I decided to make some retro inspired holiday wreath. This is a super easy porject and took less than 10 minutes to do!

– Wire wreath frame (I purchased this 18″ one at Michael’s for $3.49)
– Tinsel garland (15′ is just enough for one 18″ wreath)
– Floral wire (or any type of bendable wire)
– Glitter bow
– Small ornaments (I recommend using glass ones incase it falls!)

Start by tying a knot with the garland on the wire frame. Then wrap the frame all the way around with the garland. When you get to the end, tuck the end of the garland into the wire frame. Use the floral wire to attach your decorations and you’re done!


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