Remembering Darcy Dog

I normally don’t get very personal here on Sarah Hearts but my heart has been heavy all week as I’ve tried to go back to…

Remembering #darcydog, our sweet black and tan coonhound rescue dog.

I normally don’t get very personal here on Sarah Hearts but my heart has been heavy all week as I’ve tried to go back to business as usual but it’s been so hard. So before I get back to my regular posts, I really wanted to share a bit about our sweet pup, Darcy.

Last Saturday, while we were in Atlanta for my brother’s wedding, we got news that Darcy passed away in her sleep. I am so thankful for Kevin and his strength because I know I couldn’t have taken that phone call. We thought Darcy was about 9 or 9 1/2 but really hadn’t thought we would have to think about this for quite some time. She had just had blood work and an annual visit at the vet and passed with flying colors, so needless to say, this completely caught us off guard.

We cried. And cried. And cried.

Remembering #darcydog

We adopted Darcy from a local pet rescue in November of 2011. We had been married for three years and had just gotten back from an anniversary trip to San Fran. While on the flight home we decided it was time for us to finally get a dog. As soon as we got home from the airport, I looked at pet rescues online and quickly found a listing for Darcy. I immediately filled out the application and within a couple of days she was ours. As soon as we brought her home she found a cozy place next to my desk and fell asleep. My home office soon became her favorite room in the house and my desk became her dog house.

Remembering #darcydog

I’ve been blogging full-time, and working from home full-time, for the past two years so Darcy and I had become good pals. She was my sidekick. She was in my office while I worked, in the kitchen while I cooked, and at the barn while I rode my horse.

Remembering #darcydog. She was my sidekick and the perfect companion for someone who works from home.

I know everyone says this about their pet, but she really was the best dog I’ve ever met. You could leave the house with food on the coffee table and she wouldn’t touch it. She never once got on our white couch. She could go anywhere with us without a leash and she never once had an accident in the house. She was a great travel companion and rode all the way with us to Asheville, Maryland and the beach several times.

Remembering #darcydog. She was the best!

Hands down her favorite place was the barn. Oddly enough she never once was phased by the horses. I think she thought of them as really large dogs. Though she did have a few close encounters with the chickens and the cats.

After taking her there a few times, she quickly learned that when I opened my sock drawer and put on a pair of long socks and riding pants, that it meant that we were going to the barn. And this sleepy pup would run circles around me and howl and howl and howl. The barn was her happy place.

Remembering #darcydog. She loved car rides and going to the barn so, so much!

I’m just so, so thankful for the almost three years we spent with this sweet pup. It’s been just so much fun. And as Darcy would say, “Aroooo roooooo.”


  1. We love you guys and Darcy! You are not the only ones that think she was the most amazing dog in the world! Seeing how sweet, loving, and well-behaved she was almost made Danny and I want one!

    She was such a good companion but even more than that, you and Kevin were amazing parents to her! She never went without and no one ever doubted how much you both loved her. She will be a missed component of connect group, but I am sure she is smiling down watching us not get through yet another book. ;-) Love you girlie!

  2. :( So sorry for your loss. Saying goodbye to our pets has to be one of the hardest things we have to go through. They are the best companions and such loyal, sweet friends.

  3. Oh, Sarah, my heart is breaking for you! I’m so sad to hear about Darcy’s passing. She sounds like a wonderful companion–I can only hope that Kona becomes as good a dog as Darcy was. Sending you lots of love while you go through this sad time. xo

  4. I’m so sorry! I’m sure she was the best. When a pet passes away it leaves a huge hole in your heart. When I lost a cat a couple years ago I kept crying for about a week. Then moved on and adopted two new ones form a local pet rescue, but I still remember the one that had passed away.

  5. I’m new here, but that doesn’t diminish my sadness at your loss. You filled your sweet girl’s life with joy and happiness she could never have imagined. Your narrative was beautiful and filled with the love you showered upon a very special pup.

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