Red White and Blue Favorites

Red, white and blue 4th of July fashion inspiration board.

Red White and Blue Favorites | Sarah Hearts

Happy 4th of July! In honor of all things red, white and blue I’m sharing some of my favorite items in those patriotic colors. I’m just absolutely smitten by the Anthropolgie dress and I think the Poppin desk accessories are a fun way to brighten your work space.

If you need some last-minute holiday ideas, check out my 4th of July Pinterest board.
Yes, it includes red velvet pancakes.

1. Modcloth turquoise sunglasses / 2. Poppin red soft cover folio / 3. Kate Spade Saturday painted pillow cover / 4. Anthropologie Eva dress / 5. The Wheat Field print / 6. Loft striped floral print scarf / 7. Poppin pool blue desk set / 8. Francesca’s indio chevron studs / 8. Baggu red duck bag


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