Radiant Orchid Home Inspiration

Here’s some ideas on how to add the some Radiant Orchid, the Pantone color of 2014, into your home.

Radiant Orchid Home Inspiration

Each year Pantone, the universal system for color matching, introduces a color of that year. I have to admit, I was a bit let down when I heard that the 2014 color would be Radiant Orchid, a soft, light lavender. I’ve never been a fan of purple and don’t really know if my opinion of the hue may change.

Are you a fan of this year’s color? If so, here are a few stylish ways to introduce the purple hue into your home.

1. Radiant Orchid Ovo table lamp
2. Orchid giclée print
3. Centennial eggplant velvet loveseat
4. Modern hand printed pillow cover
5. Lily lavender yoyo accent chair
6. Modernist bowls
7. Brunetta purple accent table
8. Purple polka dot sheets

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