DIY Puzzle and Template

Learn how to make your own puzzle with this free printable template.

Printable DIY Puzzle Template from Sarah Hearts #letsneighbor

I just got back from Alt Summit and I can’t wait to share some of the things I learned! I’m feeling so inspired and excited about my career. I also met so many talented people (and got all their creative business cards)!

Today I’m over on The Neighborhood sharing a DIY puzzle craft because today is National Puzzle Day! If it’s a rainy day or you’re snowed in, today is the perfect day to get crafty!  You can use my design or your own photo to craft your own puzzle. Head on over to The Neighborhood and while you’re there you can take a peak at what our den looked liked before our renovations!

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  1. Sarah! I’m so happy I met you at Alt! I know what you mean about feeling inspired…perhaps we should get our collaboration on!
    Talk to you soon!

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