Printable Monogram Gift Tags

Add the finishing touch to your gifts with these free printable monogram confetti gift tags.

printable monogram gift tags from

I’m so excited to share this holiday printable for two reasons. 1. I created it for How About Orange, which is a lovely blog by the talented designer, Jessica Jones and 2. I used lots of colorful confetti dots in the design!

There’s a tag for every letter of the alphabet plus and four different color schemes so you can use them on holiday gifts, valentine’s gifts and every other occasion gifts. Head on over and download these printable monogram gift tags. Enjoy!


    1. @Lauren thanks so much! I just clicked on the link and it works! Please let me know if you have any more trouble and I can email them to you :)

  1. I love these!!! I fell in love with them when you first posted them and based all of my wrapping around them — ordered gold wraphia from Nashville Wraps and a GIANT roll of kraft paper from Amazon. Combine with a spouncer and some metallic Marta Stewart craft paint and VOILA! totally chic holiday gifts. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

    Here’s one portion of the gifts

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