DIY Pillow Box Popsicle Treat Boxes

Create treat boxes that look like popsicles for your next summer party!

Create pillow boxes that look like popsicles! Such a perfect idea for summer party favors!

This month’s #12monthsofmartha project will have you craving for icy cold pops! I used the gift box maker, which easily transforms any paper or cardstock into pillow boxes, to create the cutest gift boxes you ever did see.

Grab a couple supplies, many you may already have on hand, and make a whole batch of these for your next summer party! I used the smallest gift box template to create mine but the gift box tool includes 3 template sizes so you can make them any size you like. If you choose to make medium or large popsicle boxes, I recommend using large or  jumbo wooden sticks.

Use a pillow box cutter to create custom party favors.

Supplies: gift box tool / colored cardstock / craft knife / double-sided tape / small popsicle sticks / cutting mat
Time: 30 minutes

This pillow box cutter is so cool! Perfect for making party favors and small gift boxes.

Step 1: Place the paper with the outside color/pattern face down on a cutting mat . Use the embossing tool to score the paper on the right and bottom side of the template. Press down on the cutting arm, while holding the template firmly in place, and cut the top semi-circle. Reposition the arm and cut the bottom semi-circle. Reposition the tool so the left side is aligned with the scored vertical line. Use the embossing tool to again score the paper on the right and bottom sides. Finish cutting the shape by cutting all the way around.

Score the bottom of a pillow box to turn it into a popsicle treat box.

Step 2: Fold the paper over so the side with the straight edge is touching the side with 3 semi-circles. Use a craft knife to cut a slit the width of the popsicle stick through both layers of paper. Apply double sided tape across the bottom piece, where you just cut.

Insert wood sticks in the bottom of a pillow box to turn it into a popsicle treat box.

Step 3: Press the bottom edges together and carefully insert the popsicle stick. Then add double-sided tape along the open edge and press it firmly in place.

Wondering how to make pillow boxes even cuter? Turn them into popsicles! Click through for full tutorial.Gel nail color in Flirty c/o Marilyn Monroe Spas

Then your treat box is ready to be filled! I filled mine with rainbow sour candies but you can use any of your favorite sweets. Once they’re filled, use a little double-sided tape to seal the top closed. These small boxes would also make cute gift boxes for gift cards!

I adore these cute pillow boxes that have been transformed into popsicles!

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