Currently Loving Pantone Home Decor + Makeup

Add some color to your life with these bold Pantone home and beauty items.

Currently Loving Pantone Home Decor + Makeup | Sarah HeartsGrowing up in the home of a print expert and graphic designer meant I learned about Pantone shortly after I learned my colors. When I started college by mom began purchasing the limited edition Fishs’ Eddy Pantone dinnerware for me. I now have the entire collection and service for 12. It’s our favorite dinnerware get gets used everyday. I opted to collect this rather than fine china because it was just too cool and functional.

Now there’s a myriad of Pantone items available. I’ve already purchased the soap pump for our guest bathroom. The exact Pantone number is printed on the bottom of the pump. Such a cute detail! Here are some of my favorites.

 1. Pantone toothbrushes / 2. Pantone mug set / 3. Sephora + Pantone color theory sculpting blush / 4. Pantone blue aster ombre pillow / 5. Sephora + Pantone horizon light brush collection /  6. Sephora + Pantone emerald compact mirror / 7. Pantone Colors book / 8. Pantone soap dispenser / 9. Pantone bath towels

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  1. I love how many Pantone products are becoming mainstream. It’s great to see how people who aren’t in any design industry are fond of the simplicity of colors. The Sephora + Pantone mirror looks great!

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