How to Organize Under the Kitchen Sink

Today I’m sharing a look at how I keep above and below our kitchen sink tidy including links to all my go-to affordable organizational items.

One of the most requested types of posts I get is actually not a DIY but all about organization! After sharing a few peeks at how I organize our small home on my Instagram stories, I decided to share each area in more detail over here on the blog. I’m starting with how I keep above and below our kitchen sink tidy along with links to all my favorite products. Keep on reading if you’re a list making, organizing lover or if you’re not and your kitchen sink is just desperate for organization.

Since we live in a rental, one of the things I struggled with was how much do we invest in customizing the house and buying things that fit the space perfectly. While my thoughts on this have evolved, I do believe that home is what you make it. If you’re like me, and you’re in a rental now and spending a little bit on things (especially organizational things) to make life easier is something you’re pondering than I say do it. I invested in some basic organization items from the happiest place on earth—no, not Disney, I’m talking about The Container Store and other places and I’m so glad I did. I’m a type A creative person and I have to have things tidy in order to be most productive, whether in my home studio or in this case, the kitchen.

Command products have become my go-to for living in a rental home or just when you want a quick fix for something. I recently add this under sink caddy to the inside of the cabinet door and it’s a game changer. Why? Because I don’t have to bend over to get dishwasher tablets, something I use almost every single day.

After getting tired of constantly cleaning the bottom of the cabinet, I decided to put down some patterned Contact paper I had on hand. Not only does it make the space a little prettier, but it keeps it so much cleaner. Just a quick wipe if something spills and that’s it! Then I used my favorite organization item, a small white plastic bin with handles, to keep extra supplies handy. I use it to store extra kitchen sponges, soap, sink stopper and more. Tiny but mighty!

I use a Command spray bottle holder to hang a bottle of all-purpose spray. Again, another small thing that makes a huge impact. Since I use this daily, having it on a hook means I don’t have to bend over when I reach for it. The pink plastic tub is a repurposed drink tub that we use to corral the recycling. While it doesn’t fit everything, it makes it so much easier day in and day out. We just empty it outside in our large city recycling can every couple of days.

I told you I love these Command hooks! On the inside of the other cabinet door I use a spring-loaded clip to hang my gloves. Which speaking off, these Casabella gloves are my absolute favorite because they have a cuff that folds down, keeping water out.

On the outside of the cabinet I keep a stainless steel over-the-door hook to hang a kitchen towel. Simple but oh-so-functional!

And above the sink my favorite organizational items are this Kohler brush caddy,which comes apart and can be cleaned in the dishwasher, and this Simplehuman paper towel holder, that can be used and refilled with one hand.

What are some of your favorite organizational items for above and below your kitchen sink? I’d love to know!

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