New site and branding!

Sarah Hearts has a brand new look! Check out the entire brand board to see how the new fonts, patterns, and logos.

Sarah Hearts has a new look! This colorful yet minimal branding is so fun! Click through to see more of the new site.I’m so very excited to share my new branding and new site design with you! It’s been months in the making and I just love it so much, I find myself staring at it!

As a graphic designer, I’ve always created my own branding and blog design but this year I decided to get some help. I wanted someone from the outside to look at my brand objectively and help me give Sarah Hearts a fresh new look. My blog and content have evolved over the years and I felt that the old logo and site didn’t actuariallyacurately portray my brand or style. After I decided I wanted a new look, I enlisted the lovely Kelsey Cronkite of Pine Gate Road.

I met Kelsey several years ago at my very first Alt Summit and adored her work. Branding is honestly one of my least favorite things I’ve done and creating branding for myself was always so difficult. I guess it’s true that you are your own worst critic, right? Kelsey really understood my brand and where I want it to go and created the branding you see above! You can learn more about the process and background behind the design over on her site.

What do you think? I’d love to hear your feedback about the new site and brand!



  1. I LOVE THE NEW LOGO!!!!! The colors, font and polka dots are absolutely perfect for your brand. Now you just need to print it on some t-shirts to sell ;) I would buy one!!

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