New Organic Cotton Labels in the Shop

We have two brand new organic cotton labels in the shop! Take a closer look at our newest sustainable labels and learn what makes these designs extra special.

We’ve expanded our organic cotton label collection today! Sustainability is important for us and we know it is for lots of you too so we’ve added two brand new labels to our organic cotton collection. Keep reading to learn what makes these labels extra special.


Previously, all of our organic cotton labels used only black ink. I’m so excited to share that our newest labels both use bright, bold colors. And there’s more—both new designs are also double-sided too!

Sewing > Sleep Organic Cotton Sewing Labels

Who needs sleep anyways, right? If you’re a sewist who finds themselves sewing a night, this is the perfect label for you. The Sewing > Sleep label features hot pink ink and playful daisies all around. It’s double-sided and can be sewn into the seam of any project.

Back Organic Cotton Sewing Labels

The Back label is perfect for sewn, knit, and crochet garments to help you identify the back for easy dressing (and a touch of charm too). Flip the tag over and it features a petite heart.

Both labels can be turned into patches too. Simply fold the top edge towards the back, give it a press with a warm iron, and stitch along each side to secure. Now you have even more ways to add fun details to your handmade projects!

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