New Knitting and Crocheting Labels

Brand new “knit with love” and “crochet with love” labels are now in the shop!

New labels are in the shop and they are just for yarn lovers! Say hello to our two newest labels that you’re going to want to add to all your knit and crochet projects.

Crocheted with Love – the perfect finishing touch to crochet sweaters, tops, blankets, and more! This end fold label is easy to add to any crochet project, simply hand sew or machine sew the short sides onto you project.

Knit with Love – just the icing a beautiful knit project needs! This one is also endfold, which means you can easily add it to you knit project by hand sewing or machine sewing the short sides onto your knit project.

Both labels are based on our best-selling Stitched with Love label design. All three labels feature lovely, warm metallic gold thread and a coral pink heart.

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