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A look at how I created a DIY gin and tonic station at my backyard birthday party and sharing my favorite links from this week.

Create a DIY gin and tonic station at your next part. Style a bar cart with your favorite gin, cordials, and garnishes!

Photo from my birthday party this month of the DIY gin & tonic station


I’m running around like a crazy lady this weekend wrapping up deadlines, packing, and making sure both Daisy (the hound) and Justin (the horse) are all set before we jump on a redeye flight to London. We’re heading back to the UK for the third time to visit friends, explore, and get some inspiration. And we’re spending the day in NYC both coming and going and even though it’s a going to be pretty warm there and raining in England I’m determined to pack for (nearly) 2 weeks in a carry-on!

This week I’m loving

Did you know you can make your own cooling lotion?
Summer wines under $10.
Open photo frames—so cool!
What’s cuter than teeny tiny planters?
Just got this dress (horse lovers take note).
Obsessed with these wall shelves.


Did you catch this week’s seasoned watermelon video? I’m going to be taking a couple weeks off from the blog while I travel but I’ll be back here on the 14th with lots of fun back to school DIYs and recipes. In the meantime, you can follow along on our adventure via Instagram, where I’ll be sharing a lot on my story.

The new August wallpaper will be up on Monday and I absolutely adore and I hope you do to!



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