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Add some spring color and texture to your party, home, or even your nails! Click through to get links to each DIY project.

Spring is in full swing and these pretty party, home, and beauty DIYs are the perfect way to add a bit of spring color to your day!

It’s (almost) the weekend! This weekend we’ll be wrapping up our DIY kitchen update—we only have two cabinet door to fix and install. I cannot wait to share the transformation with you! It’s now one of my favorite spaces in the entire house. I’ll also be shooting a few new video tutorials that I’ll share in the coming weeks.

What will you create this weekend?

1. I’m trying to find a reason why I need to make these plaster party hats topped with giant flowers.

2. Loving this two-tone gold mani.

3. Upcycle glass jars into cute storage containers with a little washi tape.

4. If flower party hats aren’t your thing, how about making an adorable ice cream cone hat?

I’m also loving:

This gorgeous foliage alphabet.

This colorful painted ring holder.

Oh Joy’s new book full of fabulous DIYs.

My friend PJ‘s style.


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