Light Pink, Magenta and Jade Color Palette

Get inspired with this ballet slipper pink, magenta, and jade color palette.

Light Pink, Magenta and Jade Color Palette | Sarah Hearts

Don’t you just want to throw a party when you see the color combination? I love the mix of textures and shapes in this photo. The triangle folds of fabric remind me of the sewn triangle garland I made during the holidays last year.

Where or how would you use this color palette?

Tsumori Chisato via Oh, Joy!

One comment

  1. I am thinking of using it in an ad film(my first) that I am directing. The product is a fusion of Indian and contemporary Gold Jewelry. The elements of the product are predominately Gold, magenta rubellite and jade. So I am thinking that a cream tone to the wardrobe and set up might help bring the colors out more..

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