January 2021 Calendar Wallpaper

Kick start the new year with this bright and beautiful wallpaper featuring original art by Sarah. Download it today for all your devices.

HELLO 2021!

Happy New Year, friends! As we look to the new year for new beginnings I wanted to create a wallpaper that is beautiful and inspiring. For me that means lots of bright color and bold shapes (and lots of yellow, of course). This year also marks the start of the eleventh year (!!!) of my monthly free wallpaper series. This year I want to explore my art and create things that I have truly love. So more exploration of color and pattern are in store! But if you still love wallpapers that more directly reflect each season, you can search my wallpaper library and use any of the past 120+ designs!

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Computer: art | calendar
iPhone: art | calendar
iPad: art | calendar

If you love it enough to download it, please tell your friends about it! And don’t forget to tag @sarahhearts and use #sarahheartswallpaper on your post. I love seeing photos of your devices each month.

Want to use the art for your business? Please contact me for licensing options

original wallpapers by Sarah Khandjian | for personal, non-commercial use only


  1. Love love love your stuff! I have your backgrounds on both my phone and computer! Would love to see some options for the new iPhone square and rectangle widgets (like the quotes)! ?

    1. Hi Maggie, unfortunately I won’t be creating a wallpaper this month. I’m taking this month off—it’s the first wallpaper I’ve skipped in 12 years! You can check out the archives for TONS of cute Valentine’s wallpapers.

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