Ice Cream Scoop on a Stick

Learn how to serve party-ready ice cream by making ice cream scoops on a stick.

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Happy food Friday! I think the best way to end a crazy week is with sweets.

I love sweets. I mean, I really, really love sweets. The second I finish lunch or dinner I immediately start craving something sweet. So what does a girl in this predicament do? Make homemade ice cream of course! I used this recipe to make mint chocolate chip ice cream. I took the delicious homemade ice cream and made a super cute dessert that are perfect for kid’s (and adult!) parties.

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You can absolutely use store bought ice cream. I won’t tell any one.

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Paint the ends of mini popsicle sticks with acrylic paint and let dry. Then use a small ice cream scoop (mine is 1.5″ diameter) and scoop the ice cream onto a tray lined with parchment paper (this prevents the ice cream from sticking). Place one of the painted sticks in the center. Put the tray of ice cream back in the freezer and allow it to harden (a couple hours). Just before serving, dip the ice cream scoop in whatever toppings you like. I think toasted coconut, chopped walnuts, almonds, sprinkles would be lovely. Serve immediately and enjoy!

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Have a great weekend!


    1. @ Dayna, thanks so much for stopping by! I’m also glad to have found your blog—you have some lovely ideas. Fun to meet a Florida girl now in Cali. We’re from Florida and thinking of moving there as well!

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