House Tour: Home Office

Take a look at the home office of blogger Sarah Hearts. This space functions as an office, craft room, and studio!

A cork board in a craft room makes a great inspiration board.

The house tour is wrapping up today in my office. This is the space that I probably spend the most time in so it’s usually the most cluttered. So I left this space for last so I could spend some time tidying up before I photographed it. So here’s a look at my home office that also is my craft room and studio.

A cozy, organized home office that doubles as a craft room.

When we moved into our house almost  four years ago I wanted to reuse some pieces, like the Expedit bookcase, floral storage totes and the curtains, that I had in the home office/guest room in our old apartment.

The desk is constructed out of two long table tops from Ikea that are attached to a long 1″ x 2″ that’s mounted on the wall. I used metal L brackets to connect them. By mounting the table tops to the walls it eliminated the need for additional table legs.

Floral dog bed with removable and washable cover by Jax and Bones.

The day we brought Darcy home she immediately followed me into my office and laid down under the desk. Since then, it’s become her favorite spot in the house. I added this cute floral dog bed under the desk, or rather, under her dog house.


The bookcase that nearly everyone owns holds my sewing machine, serger, Silhouette supplies, and my camera bag.

Create banner with DIY gold glitter heart clips.

This cute garland from Minted that used the gold heart clips I made hangs over my computer.

An Ikea Expedit bookcase doubles as a printer stand and storage space in this cute home office.

Add a mix of pretty storage containers and art for a functional and stylish storage solution.

The shelves over my desk hold some frequently used items like scissors and straight-pins. The orange storage boxes hold desk items, like paper clips and a stapler.

An organized craft closet. Install shelving in a closet to maximize the storage.

Since this room is really a bedroom, it has a tiny closet with accordion doors. I removed the hanging bar and installed some shelving to maximize the storage.

Stacked hat boxes are great for storing craft supplies.

These cute hat boxes hold all my paint. My mom got me this huge collection of thread a long time ago. It’s so handy!

Floral fabric storage totes hold a ton of stuff while looking pretty.

I got these fabric storage totes when I went away to college and they are just so pretty and practical to get rid of.

Use a pretty hook to hang headphones when not in use.

So true! This print by Emily McDowell is a great reminder!

A wifi NPR radio that gets every station in the country. A must for NPR fans!

Every Christmas, Kevin gets me some little random tech item. A couple years ago he stumbled upon this wifi radio that gets every NPR station in the country as well as podcasts and Pandora. It was definitely a win! I’m a big NPR fan and I listen it all day while I work. The little gadget sitting on top is a fun digital dashboard that is connected to some of my social accounts. It also displays the weather and the traffic time to the barn. So fun!

Paint color: Glidden Soothing Green Tea in eggshell | Desk: constructed out of two Ikea table tops and legs attached to the wall. | Lamp: Target | Cork board: Home Goods (spray painted white) | Dog bed: Jax and Bones from Wayfair | Floral storage totes: Reisenthal (floral print is not longer available but the do some in this cute red polka dot pattern) | Art print: Strangers on the Internet print by Emily McDowell | NPR radio: by Livio | Social Media Dashboard: Quirky | Brass horse head hook: Dover Saddlery (similar) | Sweet office print: by Jeanetta Gonzales | Storage boxes: sweater boxes and accessory boxes from The Container Store | Pencil cup: The Container Store


  1. Sarah- where did you purchase the shelving units for your closet? I have found wire shelving at lowes as well as Home Depot, however I want the wood style that you are using. Thanks

    1. Natalie, I found them at Home Depot a few years ago. If you can’t find them there I know The Container Store sells Elfa, which is a similar system.

  2. I love how the organization turned out! It is so beautiful, and I agree that Cork Board is just lovely, I had no idea you could paint them! I have a blue and yellow room, I think I need a navy corkboard! Thanks for the idea!

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