Hostess Gift Ideas

If you’re not hosting this holiday, let the person who is know you appreciate them by gifting a thoughtful and stylish gift!

Heading to someone's house for a holiday meal? Don't show up empty handed! Bring one of these stylish and thoughtful hostess gifts!

If you’re not hosting a holiday meal this season, before you kick up your feet and say “thank goodness” don’t forget to buy your holiday host a gift! Here are some of my favorite affordable gift ideas that are so much better than a generic bottle of wine. Unless of course, you know your hostess would love a bottle of vino!

  1. Let’s Stay Home banner
  2. Pair of hanging wall vessels place an herb or succulent plant inside
  3. Wood state cutting boards
  4. Pineapple ornament
  5. Gold cocktail picks
  6. Hexagon wood coasters they double as a trivet for hot foods
  7. Copper vintage bottle opener
  8. Brushstroke linen tea towel

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