DIY Pom Pom Holly Berry Napkin Rings

‘Tis the season for holiday dinner parties! Add a festive touch to each place setting with these adorable pom pom holly berry napkin rings.

This project was created by Holly of Club Crafted.

‘Tis the season for holiday dinner parties, and they wouldn’t be complete without setting the table with pom pom holly berry napkin rings! After all, every table could use a few more pom poms. Made with yarn and felt, these simple holiday napkin rings are easy to store and use again and again every Christmas! 

I pulled out my handy pom pom makers for this project, but you can use any method for making small red pom poms that become the berries for your holly berry napkin rings. Combined with pointy green leaves, they look like the cutest holly berries for decorating your Christmas table.


Red yarn
Green felt
Small pom pom maker
Wooden rings
Glue gun

Step 1

Open one end of the pom pom maker and wrap with a super thick layer of yarn. Repeat with the other side of the pom pom maker. 

Step 2

Cut around the outside edges. Tie an extra piece of yarn around the middle to secure the pom pom and release it from the pom pom maker.

Repeat so that you have three small pom poms per napkin ring. 

Step 3

Cut three pointy holly leaves out of the felt so that you have three leaves per napkin ring. 

Step 4

Glue the leaves to the wooden ring. 

Step 5

Group three pom poms and tie them tightly together. Trim the edges to even them out. 

Step 6

Glue the pom poms on top of the leaves.

Once the glue is set, roll up a napkin and insert into a napkin ring. Place one at each place setting for a Christmas dinner for a little extra cheer!


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