Open Shelving Hallway Organization

Here’s how I transformed our open shelving hall closet with a little paint and some storage baskets.

Open Shelving Hallway Closet Organization

Last week I completed a home project I had been putting off pretty much since we moved in. This project was painting our hallway and the open shelving in our hall closet. I always kinda hated the color of our hallway because it made the already dark space feel even darker and it was painted with semi-gloss paint which I feel is only acceptable for kitchen and bathrooms  (although it’s totally a personal preference). I just can’t stand the glossy look!

Open Shelving Hallway Closet Organization

Here’s a before and after shot! See, what a big difference a little paint can make? Head over to Bunny & Dolly today for all the details (including paint colors) on how I transformed and organized our open hall closet. I’m also sharing how I made the chalkboard labels out of my old business cards!

Open Shelving Hallway Closet Organization

Check out the entire post over on Bunny and Dolly today!

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