Guest Bathroom Inspiration

Guest bathroom renovation inspiration.

Guest Bathroom Inspiration | Sarah Hearts

On Monday I shared some polka dot walls and after posting that I decided that I’m going to add gold polka dots to our guest bathroom walls. I’ve been wanting to update the guest bathroom without actually redoing it. I’m still a bit unsure about adding any amount of gold because the faucet, which we replaced ourselves shortly after we moved in, is brushed nickel. I’ve always kinda cringed when I see metallic combos but I’m kinda warming up to the idea because I am just smitten gold polka dots.

Guest Bathroom Inspiration | Sarah Hearts

Guest Bathroom Inspiration | Sarah Hearts

Here’s the mauve-ish colored tile that hue depending on the amount of sunlight in the bathroom. It’s the original tile form the 60’s and is in pretty good shape despite it’s age. The soap pump is Pantone, emerald green of course since it’s the color of the year, and the house tissue box cover is Umbra.

How do you feel about mixing gold and silver (or brushed nickel)? I’m feeling inspired by Young House Love’s simple but eclectic update to one of their bathrooms. Isn’t that light fixture awesome?

Inspiration // gold polka dot wall via Just Bella, Sunday Times Valspar paint, Anthropologie white floral towels, Anthropologie floral dot bath mat, Anthropolgie steamline hook


  1. I’m loving the gold idea! I think silver and gold will both look great with the mauve tiles that you already have. I think the metallic colors will really modernize it!

  2. I love this! You should go for it. Silver and gold can totally be mixed. I’ve been thinking about gold polka dots on an accent wall in our bedroom. Too girly?

  3. Why not use gold AND silver dots, maybe even some copper ones, then you can accent with all or whichever!

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