Fuchsia, Citrus and Silver Color Palette

Get inspired with this fuchsia, citrus, and silver color palette.

fuchsia pink yellow and silver color palette

Today I’m loving pops of bright, neon hues paired with neutrals. This petite citrus side table with fuchsia hydrangeas is perfectly accented by the silver vase and wall.

What bright colors do you have in your home? I’m just dying to add some neon hues somewhere in our house!

Color palette by me / Image via My Attic


  1. love it! i need you to help me pick an accent color for my room! i’m still waiting to buy curtains / lamp shades… IT’S SUCH A HARD DECISION. lol

  2. I love it, but that looks like pink not fuschia, Fuschia is red mixed with purple, hot pink has a mix of red, purple a little white and a little yellow. So as a result Fuschia is generally a slightly more purple shade

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