DIY Chalkboard Photo Frame

Gift your friends a handmade chalkboard frame this holiday.

Here’s a gift that is cheap to make and fun to give! I made this chalkboard frame in a couple of minutes by simply painting a ready made frame. This would be a thoughtful way to present you holiday card with a portrait of your family. It’s also a great gift for newly weds (like my gorgeous friends Haley and Kevin) so they can frame a wedding photo.

This would also be a fun gift for kids (or kids at heart) because the chalk drawings can be erased and re-drawn each time you change the photo.

• Chalkboard paint (I used some that I purchased for making chalkboard wine glasses, it’s $9.99 for 30 oz., you can probably make 20+ frames with one can)
• Ready-made wooden frame, unfinished ones work best. (I got the one above for only $1 at Michaels)
• Foam paint brush
• Chalk for gifting

Apply a thin coat of paint . Allow to dry and repeat with a second coat. Once dry, insert a photo and you’re done! If you would like to the chalk drawing to be permanent, I recommend drawing with a china marker (I used one for the chalkboard garden markers). It’s an oil-based pencil that won’t rub off.

Cost: $1.50 per frame


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