Favorite Large Planters Under $100

Looking for the perfect planters for a large cactus or fiddle leaf fig? Here are 20 large modern planters all under $100 that can be used inside and out.

Transform a simple woven storage basket into a cute and stylish planter using craft paint! Click through to see the trick to creating the perfect scalloped border.

My DIY painted basket that doubles as planter

Slowly I’m adding more and more plants to both the inside and outside of my home until one day I hope it will look almost like a jungle. If you’re a crazy plant person too, here are some great options for large planters. They all have a clean, modern aesthetic without the high-end price tag. All of them are under a $100! So if you’ve been looking for the perfect planter for that cactus on the patio or large rubber plant, here are 20 great options!

Add plants to your indoor and outdoor spaces! Check out this roundup of 20 great large planters all less than $100!

  1. Tahiti mint green planter
  2. Howell Short Planter
  3. Dundee Floor Planter with Tall Stand
  4. Slant Light Grey Short Planter
  5. Wire and Terracotta Planter
  6. Sea Grass Storage Basket
  7. Napa Fiberglass Pot Planter
  8. Ceramic Planter
  9. Blox Galvanized Hi-Gloss White Planters
  10. Bright Pink Self Watering Planter
  11. Terracotta Planter with White Accents
  12. Round Tapered Planter
  13. Pure Ceramic Pot Planter
  14. Modern by Dwell Magazine Hexagons Concrete Planter
  15. Modern Square Garden Planter
  16. Metallic Bronze Planters
  17. Blox Galvanized Hi-Gloss Navy Planter
  18. Lola Terracotta Pot Planter With Stand
  19. Faux-Concrete Square Large Planter

Looking for some outdoor inspiration on how to add plants to your home? You can see how I added plants to our patio and front porch.


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