Fall Travel Outfit

Here’s my favorite fall fashion including skinny jeans, floral sweaters, and comfortable mustard colored flats.

Fall Travel Outfit | Sarah Hearts

This cold is seriously kicking my butt. So much so that I haven’t blogged since Monday! I really appreciate your support and patience I’ve been under the weather since the weekend. If you’ve caught this September bug (which was also an August bug for me) I hope you feel well soon! I’m hoping to be back on my blogging, and everything routine by next week. One of the things I hate most about colds (other than stuff noses, chills, and ear aches) is how much it throws off your normal routine.

Two weeks from today I’ll be back in NYC for a quick trip to hang with some amazing bloggers and Better Homes & Gardens (I know, I can’t wait!!) so I’ve been trying to figure out what to bring on the trip. I’ve redesigned my business cards and I even have a new site design in the works but I’m just stuck on what to wear to the event. It isn’t quite fall yet, but I’m crossing my fingers that we’ll get a touch a cooler weather in the city that week. If we do, here’s what I’m planning on wearing.

1. Dot printed popover shirt / 2. Tortoise shell reading glasses  / 3. 3/4 sleeve floral print crewneck / 4. Supreme curvy skinny leg jeans / 5. Olivia ballet flats in mustard / 6. 2 Sues camera bag


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